The picturesque port of Marina Salivoli is situated on the Etruscan Coast, just a few kilometers northwest of the city of Piombino, which lies in the Tuscany region of northwestern Italy. The marina is the northernmost point on the Tyrrhenian Sea, and boasts more than 450 berths, along with a wide variety of amenities.


Marina Salivoli also offers visitors easy access to the ports of Piombino and the surrounding coastline, which has been inhabited by humans since the 4th century CE and features a number of historical attractions. Of particular note, Piombino is home to an impressive, mid-15th century citadel, a number of nicely preserved coastal towers overlooking the Gulf of Follonica, and a 13th century castle. In addition, visitors can lounge on one of the many pristine beaches in the area, after docking at the Old Port of Piombino, which is a scenic place to enter the city.

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Tuscany - Corsica - Liguria
Piombino / Marina Salivoli
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