The charming resort town of Pinetamare, also commonly known as Villaggio Coppola, is situated on the Tyrrhenian coast in the Campania region of southwestern Italy, around 40 kilometers north of Procida and 228 kilometers southeast of Rome.

Created as a tourist destination in the mid-20th century, today the town is also a popular destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, thanks to its convenient location and stunning beauty.


Pinetamare is also close to the town of Castel Volturno, which lies around 9 kilometers up the coast to the north and boasts a wide variety of historical attractions. These include a medieval castle, several impressive churches and a charming old town centre. In recent years, Pinetamare has been nicely renovated and boasts a wide variety of excellent amenities, including several fine hotels. In addition, it offers maritime travelers easy access to the Amalfi Coast, Vesuvius and a number of smaller islands.  


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Tyrrhenian Sea
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