The picturesque town of Castellammare di Stabia is situated in southwestern Italy’s Campania region, around 30 kilometers south of Naples on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Inhabited since at least the 8th century BCE, it lies in an excellent location on the Gulf of Naples and boasts a typically Mediterranean climate consisting of warm, sunny summers and mild, wet winters.


Today, this helps to make Castellammare di Stabia a favorite destination among maritime travelers from around the globe, and has contributed to the construction of a world-class marina boasting more than 1400 berths that lies on the northern end of town. Here, visitors will thrill to the many fine amenities, including a four-star hotel, a shopping mall, a cinema, and a wide variety of dining opportunities. In addition, this is an excellent base from which to explore the entire region, including the historic island of Pompeii and the scenic Amalfi Coast.

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Tyrrhenian Sea
Naples / Castellammare di Stabia
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