The Marina di Ravenna is located near the bustling Italian seaport of Ravenna, which lies on the north Adriatic Sea around 8 kilometers northeast of the city’s centre and 150 kilometers south of Venezia/Venice. The area has been settled for several thousand years, a fact that combines with its rich cultural history and scenic beauty to make this a popular destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world.


Marina di Ravenna is more like a seaside resort than a working port, but it boasts all the amenities seasoned maritime travelers have come to expect, including direct access to excellent dining and shopping opportunities. In addition, adventuresome seafaring travelers will enjoy the many water sports that are available in the area, including windsurfing, diving, fishing and sailing. Also of note, the beaches here are pristine, while the nightlife is renowned all over the world.

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Italian Adriatic Sea
Marina di Ravenna
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