The city of La Spezia is situated in the Liguria region of northern Italy in the La Spezia Gulf, around 15 kilometers north of Portovenere and 40 kilometers southeast of Monterosso al Mare. As one of the largest military and commercial harbors in the entire country, the port here is quite busy and is an important connection route on the Ligurian Sea between the cities of Genoa and Pisa. Inhabited since pre-historic times, today the area has become a popular tourist destination for seafaring travelers from around the globe, thanks to its warm, sunny Mediterranean climate and the rich cultural history that exists throughout the region.


Boating and yachting enthusiasts will thrill to the Naval Museum located in La Spezia, while the surrounding mountains provide a picturesque backdrop to the city and its harbor. In addition, the town is an excellent base from which to explore the Italian Riviera by sea.


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Tuscany - Corsica - Liguria
La Spezia
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