The port city of Gaeta is located on a promontory in the Gulf of Gaeta in the Lazio region of central Italy, around 80 kilometers northwest of Naples and 120 kilometers southeast of Rome. Settled since ancient times, today it has become a centre for the fishing and oil industries, as well as a world-renowned destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts.


The coastline around Gaeta boasts a number of pristine beaches and the city’s harbor area is also home to an important NATO naval base. The port, known as Porto Flavio Gioia, can hold up to 250 vessels and lies just minutes from the heart of the city. Here, seafaring travelers will enjoy many excellent shopping and dining opportunities, as well as the luxury spa and historical atmosphere. In addition, the area often plays host to national and international sailing regattas and is the winter training ground for several professional teams.


Geographical :
Tyrrhenian Sea
Gaeta / Porto Falvio Gioia
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