The seaside city of Formia is located on the Mediterranean coast in the Lazio region of Italy, around 170 kilometers southeast of Rome and 100 kilometers northwest of Naples in the scenic Gulf of Gaeta. Founded by the ancient Romans, the city boasts a number of historic ruins, including Cicero’s tomb and the remains of an ancient port. Although the modern city was founded in the 15th century, it was once a popular resort area for wealthy Romans and today the remains of the ancient Port of Caposele are still visible.


Formia has become a popular destination for seafaring travelers, thanks to the excellent amenities in the busy, modern port, and the magnificent natural harbor. Also of note, the scenic Pontine Islands are located nearby and offer boating enthusiasts countless opportunities for exploration. In addition, the Vindicio Beach area boasts fantastic restaurants, lively pubs, scenic views and a number of water sports.

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Tyrrhenian Sea
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