The picturesque seaside resort town of Rio Marina is situated in the Mediterranean Sea on the eastern coast of Elba Island, in the Tuscany region of Italy, around 20 kilometers east of Portoferraio and 12 kilometers northeast of Porto Azzurro. Founded in the 19th century, the town boasts surrounding hills that are noticeably red, thanks to large amounts of iron oxide mining activity that can be traced back to the Etruscan era.


Although traditionally it was little more than a small fishing village and mining town, today Rio Marina is a popular destination for yachting enthusiasts exploring the Tyrrhenian Archipelago. Visitors are just minutes from the many pristine beaches, water sports and excellent dining and shopping opportunities that can be found here. In addition, consider traveling inland long enough to view the nearby Minerals of Elba Museum, which boasts the remains of an ancient Etruscan mining furnace.

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Tuscany - Corsica - Liguria
Elba / Rio Marina
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