The harbor town of Portoferraio lies on the northern coast of Elba Island in the Tuscany region of Italy, around 15 kilometers northeast of Porto Azzurro and 17 kilometers northwest of Marciana Marina. Founded in the 16th century, portions of its protective Forte Stella, Forte Falcone and Forte Inglese, as well as the original defensive walls, are still visible today.


The marina at Portoferraio is located in the footprint of an ancient Medicean port, but today boasts excellent amenities, including Wi-Fi access, surveillance, laundry service and virtually anything else a modern seafaring traveler could want. In addition, the historical old town centre is located just beyond the rear of the natural port and features spectacular views, as well as excellent dining and shopping opportunities. Also of note, Portoferraio is home to the largest outdoor market on the island, while the ruins of an ancient Roman villa can be viewed just a few kilometers away from the town centre.

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Tuscany - Corsica - Liguria
Elba / Portoferraio
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