The small but picturesque town of Domaso is located in the Lombardy region of Italy, around 40 kilometers northeast of Como and 80 kilometers north of Milan, on the northern end of Lake Como. It is a wonderful base from which to explore the lake, and boasts the rustic, old-town charm that only an ancient fishing village can possess!


Boating enthusiasts who are looking for adventure will thrill to the breva, or ‘breeze’ that blows continuously across the lake, which is one of the largest in the entire country. The breva makes Lake Como a popular place to go windsurfing, take out a catamaran or even to do some traditional surfing. The town of Domaso also boasts a variety of excellent dining opportunities, and the lake is also an excellent place to relax on a quiet cruise. The local specialty is, of course, fish from the lake, and the white wine that is produced in the area is second to none.


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