The traditional port town and fishing village of Bocca di Magra is located where the Magra River flows from the Magra Valley into the Mediterranean Sea in northern Italy, in the region of Liguria. Today it is also a popular tourist destination, thanks in part to its stunning views and perfect location on the breathtaking Italian Riviera.


Seafaring travelers should plan excursions from Bocca di Magra to the nearby Punta Corvo (Black Bird’s Point), the National Park, as well as the Bay of the Poets and at least one or two of the many Roman ruins that can be found throughout the area.


The port and shipyard at Bocca di Magra features ample opportunities for docking, with a variety of available amenities, including electricity, water, technical help, Jet Ski rentals, laundry service, beach access, shopping and a variety of restaurants. The summer climate here is mild with low precipitation, thanks to the warm ocean air and northerly location.

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Tuscany - Corsica - Liguria
Bocca di Magra
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