The Italian peninsula is shaped much like a lady’s boot, with Sicily perched on the toe. At the top of boot, connected to mainland Europe, are France, Switzerland and Austria. On the east coast of the peninsula are the Adriatic Sea and Croatia. On the west coast of Italy are the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Seas. The large island of Sardinia, situated between the Tyrrhenian and Balearic Seas in the Mediterranean Ocean, also belongs to Italy

On the island of Sardinia, on the northwestern coast, you will find the port city of Alghero. Here you can see the presence of Catalan in its honey colored walls, cobble stone lanes and the bustling squares in its medieval center. In fact Catalan is still spoken within the city and street signs and menus are frequently in both languages. Sardinian cuisine features hearty pastas, great wine and pungent local cheeses. Watch out for the headache-inducing firewater called filu e ferru. Alghero can be very hot and crowded in the summer months, so aim for spring and autumn for an enjoyable visit.

Discover marina's from Bocca Di Magra to Vibo Valentia, encompassing the beautiful blue waters of the Adriatic, Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas.


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Departure : 25 November 2017
Duration : 1 weeks