The port town of Dingle can be found in County Kerry on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, around 70 kilometers northwest of Killarney and just under 50 kilometers southwest of Tralee on the Dingle Peninsula. The natural harbor here has been in use since the 12th century, is quite comfortable and lies near Slievanea Mountain. Today, it is a major centre for fishing and tourism, thanks to the spectacular scenery and rich history of the surrounding area.


County Kerry itself lies in the Munster province of Ireland and encompasses the important commercial shipping port of Tralee, as well as the stunning Dingle Peninsula, which is the westernmost point of the entire country. In fact, seafaring travelers will delight in exploring the many islands, inlets and peninsulas that can be found along the coast here, including the massive Iveragh Peninsula, the Skellig Islands and Tearaght Island, which is uninhabited but stunning to behold.


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