The two main islands (Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre) that make up Guadeloupe are shaped like a butterfly. Located in the Eastern Caribbean archipelago, Guadeloupe lies south of Antigua and north of Dominica. With a charming mixture of modern infrastructure and fantastic local food and culture, the islands are a delicious getaway.

Grande-Terre, the eastern wing of the ‘butterfly’, is the more populous and has a variety of beach communities that offer visitors a wide variety of fun in the sun. Learn to surf and scuba dive or kick back and hit the beach bars that dot the long stretches of beautiful sand. In the southeastern corner, Pointe-à-Pitre, the island’s biggest city, you will find an excellent marina. The south coast is the main resort area, whereas the east coast is open to the pounding of the Atlantic waves. The north coastal area is terrific for drives as you can see ocean cliffs to one side and waving sugar cane fields on the other.

Basse-Terre, the western wing, holds a national park peaked by La Soufrière volcano. Here you can hike along lush trails or explore the Jacques Cousteau underwater reserve. Food aficionados will also be satisfied by the many dining experiences that can be found.

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