Situated halfway on the mainland of Greece, the coastal port city of Volos in Thessaly is Magnesia Prefecture’s administrative capital. On the map, Volos is located 215 kilometers south from the city of Thessaloniki and 326 kilometers north from the city of Athens. Volos is considered a very significant center for industries since the commercial port serves as a bridge for neighboring Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Volos is a dynamic city whose infrastructure serves industries like tourism, trade and manufacturing. Its modern facilities enable it to host significant events like international conferences, major scientific and cultural events, exhibitions and big sports events like the Olympic Games.

Even if the city is relatively new, the world audience got to see how modern contemporary Greece really is when Volos helped host the Olympics. All year long, Volos experiences a mild climate that is neither extremely hot nor very cold, making it conducive for tours and sightseeing by sea for locals and tourists alike.

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Aegean / Sporades
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