The small, picturesque Greek island of Skiathos is situated in the Aegean Sea in the Northern Sporades island chain, around 450 kilometers northwest of Izmir and 550 kilometers northwest of Bodrum. Inhabited since ancient times, today Skiathos has become a popular tourist destination for savvy boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, thanks in part to its excellent climate, stunning natural beauty and rich cultural history.


The main town on Skiathos shares the island’s name and lies on the east-central coast, near the island of Skopelos. Today, it is a charming port town that boasts excellent amenities and functions as the perfect base from which maritime travelers can easily explore the nearby islands of Volos, Konstantinos and Agios – as well as the rest of the Greek coast – by sea. Also, be sure to venture inland long enough to sample the exquisite local cuisine, and to visit the highly popular Koukounaries beach.


Geographical :
Aegean / Sporades
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