The island and port town of Kos is part of Greece and lies in the south Sporades archipelago in the Aegean Sea near the Gulf of Gokova, around 4 kilometers southwest of the coastal city of Bodrum, Turkey. The island measures around 40 kilometers wide and 80 kilometers long and boasts more than 100 kilometers of coastline. Inhabited since at least the 11th century BCE, the island also boasts a rich cultural history and a warm, sunny climate, making it a popular destination among boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world.


The town of Kos is where the main port for the island is located. It boasts an impressive, 14th century fortress that stands sentry over the harbor, as well as a number of excellent amenities. Here, seafaring travelers will enjoy access to a number of fine hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. In addition, the city of Kos is home to the Plane Tree of Hippocrates, where the great philosopher is believed to have taught.


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Aegean / Dodecanes
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