Explore Greece, its Olympic capital, Athens, and its stunning island regions; the Sporades, Cyclades, Saronic, Ionian, Peloponnese and Dodecanese. Choose ports from Corfu to Volos encompassing the beautiful blue waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas.

Corfu is one of the main islands in the Ionian sea with reasonable sailing distance to Lefkas. Its capital Corfu Town is the largest of all the Ionian towns and has excellent port facilities.

Located on the tip of Lattiki Peninsula is the town of Lavrion. Known for its silver mines that date back to prehistoric times this city is most popular for its mining. The Mineralogical Museum is the only one of its kind in Greece and the amphitheater is the oldest and largest in the country.

The friendly island of Lefkas is part of the Ionian Islands and the only island connected with the mainland. There are two main resorts on the island, Nidri and Vassiliki. Both sport harbors and offer boat trips to the other islands. Although, not as commercialized as the other islands; Lefkas offers quieter beaches and less crowds.

The island of Skiathos belongs to the Northern Sporades island group in the Aegean Sea. It boasts of over 60 beaches. Skiathos Town is the capital and port of the island.

The third largest island belonging to the Cyclades Ilses is Paros. The capital boasts a port with two long sandy beaches the Krios and Marchello. Paros’ wind conditions make this island a windsurfing and sailing paradise.


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Departure : 25 November 2017
Duration : 1 weeks