The historic city of Spandau is situated in the westernmost section of Berlin, which lies in northeastern Germany, around 350 kilometers southeast of Kiel at the confluence of the Spree and Havel rivers. Today, Spandau and Berlin are often explored by boat, since the metropolitan area is almost completely surrounded by interconnecting waterways that are even large enough to accommodate commercial shipping vessels.


In fact, adventuresome travelers can explore the Havel River, as well as the nearby Wannsee Lake, Landwehrkanal and Spree River, all by water! In addition, Spandau boasts a magnificent, 16th century old town centre, as well as easy access to the nearby watercourses, and a wide variety of excellent shopping and dining opportunities. Of particular note, the impressive Zitadelle, or ‘citadel,’ of Spandau encompasses nearly an entire small island where the two rivers meet in the town. Originally built for protection, today it has become a popular tourist spot and museum.

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