The stunning resort village and port town of Hafendorf Müritz is situated on the shores of Lake Müritz in northeastern Germany. It is the largest lake that lies entirely within the country’s border, and the port town is conveniently situated near the Müritz National Park, which is a protected area that lies amidst a magnificent wetland of lakes, marshes and forests.


The village of Hafendorf Müritz was created as a haven for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, and is the perfect place for adventuresome travelers to participate in a wide variety of water sports, including swimming, sailing, fishing and surfing. In addition, there is a gorgeous beach for lounging in the summer sun, complete with food, volleyball and a nice playground. Visitors can also enjoy easy access to the many other villages dotting the shores of the lake, which spans more than 650 kilometers.

Geographical :
Internal Waters
Mecklenburg Lake District
Müritz / Hafendorf Müritz
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