Marina Minde lies in southeastern Denmark near the German border, around 2 kilometers southwest of Rendbjerg and 3 kilometers southeast of Egernsund. Today, the area has become a popular destination among boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, thanks to its scenic beauty and excellent amenities.


Marina Minde is situated close to the nearest airport and provides everything seasoned maritime travelers have come to expect, including access to a number of water sports. In addition, the nearby Flensburg Fjord stretches between 65 and 80 kilometers in length and provides an excellent place to sail. In fact, the annual Flensburg Fjord and Rum Regattas are held here, so consider timing your visit to coincide with one of these exciting races. Also of note, a number of outlying islands, including Store Okseo and Lille Okseo (known as the Ox Islands) provide a wonderful opportunity to explore by sea.

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Baltic Sea
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Marina Minde
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