The charming city of Lübz can be found in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state of northeastern Germany, along the Müritz–Elde waterway, around 30 kilometers northeast of Parchim and 11 kilometers northeast of Elde. It lies around 15 kilometers west of Plau Lake and is bordered on its northern edge by Passower Lake, and the city sprawls along both sides of the waterway, which connects the areas between the Elde and the Mecklenburg Lake District.


Settled since the 13th century, Lübz has become a popular tourist destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts, thanks to its rich cultural history and convenient location boasting direct access to some of the finest lakes in all of Germany. While here, be sure to sample some of the local beer, as Lübz has long been renowned for its brewing abilities, and also take time to explore the amazing nature reserve on Plau Lake’s northern shore

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