The thriving city of Kiel is situated in the Schleswig-Holstein state of northern Germany, around 90 kilometers north of Hamburg, to the southeast of the Jutland peninsula on the southwestern shore of the Baltic Sea. This location has helped it to become one of the most important ports in the entire country, and it is known for a number of major worldwide sailing regattas, including the annual Kiel Week festival, which is one of the largest sailing events held anywhere in the world.


As such, Kiel has become a popular destination for maritime travelers, and it is also a respected shipbuilding centre and home to the most heavily traveled artificial waterway in the entire world, the Kiel Canal. In the spring and summer months, the beaches are quite popular, while the city itself boasts a wide variety of excellent dining and shopping opportunities, and the harbor is a frequent stopping point for cruise ships.

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Baltic Sea
German Baltic Sea
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