The port town of Greifswald is located in northeast Germany on the Bay of Greifswald in the southwestern portion of the Baltic Sea, around 35 kilometers southeast of Stralsund and just under 70 kilometers north of Neubrandenburg. Settled since the 12th century, today the area has become a popular tourist destination for seafaring travelers, thanks to its rich history and spectacular scenery.


While in Griefswald, be sure to check out the nearby islands of Rügen, Usedom, Koos and Riems, as well as several of the 14 national parks that are located within an hour of the city. Also of interest, the coastal portion of the city can be found at the mouth of the Ryck River, where visitors will also find a small but pristine beach, the marina and the main port area. In addition, the nicely preserved, historic old town centre is conveniently located just 3 kilometers from the port, while the bay is a popular sailing and surfing destination.

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