The historic port city of Eckernförde is situated on the Baltic Sea in the state of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, around 30 kilometers northwest of Kiel and just over 60 kilometers from Flensburg. The town’s origins can be traced back to the 12th century, but today it is a popular tourist destination, as well as the home base for all of Germany’s submarines.


Although fairly small, the harbor at Eckernförde is located on the northern edge of the city and is quite popular for sailing. In fact, each year in May the city hosts the Eckernförde Aalregatta, which is a renowned multi-day sailing event. Historically, the city was also an important centre for fishing and commerce, but these industries declined substantially in the 20th century. The old town of Eckernförde is partially enclosed by the Baltic Sea and boasts a wide variety of shopping and sightseeing opportunities, as well as direct access to the beach.

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