Located in the north central region of France, Vermenton is a picturesque commune found in the midst of Burgundy. It lies in the middle of Vezelay, Avallon, Chablis and Auxerre. It is an ideal vacation destination if you want to experience canal cruising, and there are also ample opportunities for balloon rides, wine tasting and sports like tennis and cycling. Organized walks are available for tourists who want to enjoy the expanse of the surrounding landscape at a leisurely pace.

Inland sites that are worth seeing include the beautiful Cisterian Abbey, and the Abbey of Reigny along the forested hillsides. Regular concerts are also held along the River Cure. Picnic and fishing are just some of the relaxing activities that can be done at the Parc de Îles. The village is busy and you will be able to find incredible bakers and butchers here, while the supermarket offers local wines that are especially superior in quality.

Vermenton provides excellent access to boating and yachting enthusiasts thanks to its location at the northern end of the Canal du Nivernais. You can traverse through Auxerre, the Yonne River and Canal du Bourgogne. The Joigny station is just 1 kilometer away while the Paris-Orly station is located at a distance of 138 kilometers.

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