The picturesque town of Moissac is situated in the Midi-Pyrenees region of southern France, around 9 kilometers northeast of Saint-Nicholas-de-la-Grave and 43 kilometers northwest of Montauban. It lies along the banks of the Tarn River and the Canal de Garonne, which is an extension of the famed Canal du Midi. These two canals are also referred to as the Canal des Deux Mers, or ‘Canal of the Two Seas,’ because they connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea.


Moissac is an excellent base from which to explore the other small towns and villages that can be found along the canal, and the orchards and vineyards of the surrounding countryside are also a delight to behold. In addition, the marina is situated in the heart of the town, close to the main dining, shopping and historic districts. Also of note, adventuresome travelers will delight in the wide variety of fishing, rowing and water skiing opportunities that can be found here

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Charente - Aquitaine - Midi
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