The marina at Port du Crouesty is the largest in the entire Brittany region of northwest France and is located between the Gulf of Morbihan and the Atlantic Ocean. Built in the 20th century near the seaside resort town of Arzon, Port du Crouesty was designed specifically to be a tourist destination and today can accommodate up to 1500 vessels.


Seafaring travelers will thrill to the excellent amenities that can be found here, including a variety of fine shopping, spa and dining opportunities. In addition, be sure to get out and explore the more than 30 islands and countless islets that are located in the gulf, many of which are currently owned by celebrities. Also of note, the island of Meaban can be found just outside of Port du Crouesty and is home to a magnificent (albeit heavily restricted) ornithological reserve. Also of note, the surrounding mainland boasts a surprising number of megalithic monuments.

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