Located in the Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur region of France, Port Vauban at the city of Antibes is the largest yachting harbor in all of Europe! It even features a heliport, which would explain why it often hosts the world’s largest and most impressive luxury vessels.

As a part of the wildly popular French Riviera, the many ports at Antibes offer moorings for a wide range of ships that vary dramatically in size. The warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters are typical of the Mediterranean climate of the region, while the pristine waters and rocky peaks are sure to delight visitors!

The current port was built in the 1970s and guarantees space for 99 professional fishing boats, which can be found along the western edge near the arched gateway to the historic old town (Vielle Ville) portion of Antibes. Just beyond this arch, a market takes place every day except Monday, and bars and restaurants can be found lining the square surrounding the market area.

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Côte d'Azur / East
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