Aabenraa is a highly efficient, deepwater port that is located on the Baltic Sea with easy access to the European motorway network. As such, it is well known as a convenient discharging and loading point for the entire Baltic Region, since the port can easily work with road traffic from all over Europe. The port of Aabenraa provides all of the facilities one would expect from a modern commercial port, making it the obvious place from which to efficiently reach Northern Europe and the entire Baltic Region.

In addition, the historic port of Aabenraa remains a popular tourist destination and, as one might imagine, its attractive centralized location has caused a thriving urban centre to spring up in the town. The port also features a magnificent view over the Aabenraa Fjord and is an excellent base for lounging on the beach or taking a variety of gorgeous country day trips.

Geographical :
Baltic Sea
German Baltic Sea
Aabenraa Denmark
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