Located in the northern part of the European continent, Denmark is a Scandinavian country that shares a 68-kilometer border with Germany to the south. The rest of the country is surrounded by coastline. It has controlled the approach to the Baltic Sea for a long time by providing water passage through the Danish straits, which comprise three channels.

With a high level of free trade, Denmark features an economy that is beyond the average living standards of other European countries. And as such, it is considered to be one of the most competitive economies in the world.
A Danish port whose growth started way back in the earlier part of the Middle Ages is the Port of Aabenraa. It lies on an arm of the strait named Little Belt which is located between the Jutland Peninsula and the Funen Island. This port is known for the production of hops as well as its fishing industry.

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Departure : 25 November 2017
Duration : 1 weeks