The stunning port city of Cienfuegos, which literally translated means ‘Hundred Fires,’ is located on the southern coast of the Cuba on the Caribbean Sea and is the capital city of the province by the same name. It lies a little over 250 miles from Havana and has been nicknamed La Perla del Sur, or ‘Pearl of the South,’ due to its spectacular beauty and unique character.


Cienfuegos is also one of the main ports for the country of Cuba, and remains a thriving centre for the sugar, tobacco and coffee trades. Seafaring travelers visiting the bay here can thrill to the knowledge that it was also one of the first places on the island that was visited by Christopher Columbus in 1494! In addition, the magnificent 18th century fortress, Castillo de Jagua, can be found near the entrance to the port, while the bustling downtown area was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005 for its impressive 19th century, early Spanish Enlightenment design.

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