Situated in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea, Zadar is a port city that has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It ranks as the second biggest city in the Dalmatian region and the fifth largest in Croatia. Zadar serves as major traffic point in terms of sea routes for the hundreds of islands in the area.
The people of Zadar earn a living from fishing, fish farming, seaborne trade, traffic, chemicals, metal manufacturing and tourism. What makes the city even more attractive to tourists is the Mediterranean climate, with very warm summers and mild humid winters.
Being a 3000-year-old port, Zadar is a Mediterranean city that still keeps its old ways but has managed to blend in with the modern way of life as well. Whether spending a vacation alone or with the entire family, there will always be something enjoyable to do. You can take pleasure sightseeing among the ruins of Roman architecture, enjoy the natural beauty of the islands, cruise to Sukosan or Ugljan/Preko, both of which are easy to tour with the area’s many attractions by sea.

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Adriatic / North
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