Located on Ugljan Island across a narrow strip of water from Zadar, is the town of Preko, Croatia. This small municipality of roughly 4,000 people enjoys daily ferry service to the mainland. The castle of St. Michael, located on the hills behind the town, was once the seat of power for the Stipanov dynasty. This castle, now a popular ruin, looked out over the Adriatic towards the Stipanov homeland of Italy. The castle was looted by soldiers of the English Crusades on their way to the Holy Land and again by fleeing Nazis at the end of the Second World War, it is now used as a base for telecommunications.

The town’s many historical buildings and the natural beauty of Kornati National Park and TelašÄ‡ica Nature Park are well worth a visit and will make your visit unforgettable. The very modern marina is the center for tourism and commerce and is one of the best kept secrets of any cruise along the Dalmatian coastline

Geographical :
Adriatic / North
Ugljan / Marina Preko
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