The stunningly beautiful town of Punat is situated on the southern coast of the Croatian island of Krk, which can be found in the northern Adriatic Sea, around 30 kilometers northeast of Cres and 300 kilometers northwest of Zadar. Krk is the most populated Adriatic island and is also one of the largest, making it a perfect destination for savvy boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world. In Punat, seafaring travelers will find that the two ports here cater to either sailboats and motorboats, or just to motorboats, so be sure to plan accordingly and head to the correct location when docking your vessel.

The marinas in Punat all boast excellent amenities, as well as easy access to a wide variety of shopping and dining opportunities. Also, maritime travelers will thrill to the many pristine beaches that can be found throughout the region, as well as to the wide variety of water sports that are offered here.

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