The port city of Pula lies on the southeastern corner of Croatia’s Istria Peninsula on the Adriatic Sea, around 500 kilometers northwest of Split and 150 kilometers south of Trieste. Inhabited since the Neolithic Era, today the area has become a popular destination for savvy maritime travelers from around the world, thanks in part to its excellent climate and pristine natural beauty.

In addition to tourism, Pula also has a strong tradition of functioning as a centre for fishing and winemaking, and is renowned for its remarkably calm seas. The port here is situated on the innermost portion of a wide gulf, which creates a measure of natural protection, and it is conveniently located close to the town centre. While here, be sure to sample the excellent cuisine, and take time out to view the ancient dinosaur footprints on the local beaches. Also of note, seafaring travelers will find a wide variety of delightful hidden coves and small islands throughout the region.

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Adriatic / North
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