The stunningly beautiful coastal region that is home to Marina Agana is situated in central Dalmatia, close to the halfway point between Split and Sibenik. The nearby picturesque village of Marina is an excellent place to spend a day of shopping and dining, or to relax and recover from a long journey by sea.


The marina here boasts excellent amenities and is quite well protected from inclement weather. In addition, the villages surrounding Marina Agana offer a wide variety of activities, including fishing, art exhibits, festivals and a number of other historical and cultural attractions. Also of note, the local club offers visitors access to business support, including WiFi, television and satellite reception and meeting rooms. More than 130 berths are available, and the marina has invested time and money into protecting the local environment and preserving the indigenous Mediterranean vegetation, including palm trees and oleanders.


Geographical :
Adriatic / South
Marina Agana
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