The island of Cres is part of Croatia and can be found in the Adriatic Sea on the northern end of the Kvarner Gulf. Inhabited since the Paleolithic era, today the island hosts a growing tourism trade, thanks to its rich history, fantastic scenery and charming small towns and marinas.


The bustling city of Cres is located on the western coast of the island. It is often considered a must-see when visiting the island, due to the nicely appointed marina that is located here – and to the historical old town centre, which is located within walking distance of the original harbor. The island also functions as a thriving fishing centre, and the port at the town of Cres plays a very important role in supporting this industry. As a result, the cuisine here is absolutely amazing, with restaurants serving the catch of the day at small tables overlooking the bay.


Geographical :
Adriatic / North
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