Considered the main gateway to Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is a picturesque city that boasts of its friendly people as an added element that makes the stunning mountain views and oceanfront scenery more inviting. Being an all-purpose port, it is the only facility that serves both business and tourism needs. Thus, Nanaimo is the perfect place to be when you want to combine work and play - especially on the water.

Located on the southeastern coast of Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is the second biggest city on the island and the third oldest in British Columbia, Canada, becoming incorporated in 1874. The closest ports on the island are Port McNeill on the northeastern coast and Port Alberni on the west coast and Sidney further south. 

It used to be a small town of coal mining operations, but has evolved into an amazing accessible waterfront paradise for fishing charters, kayaking trips and wildlife cruises. Whether you are planning to spend a passionate weekend, a family vacation, or just play golf with business colleagues, you can have a grand time in this “playground” of activities, both on land or in the water

Geographical :
USA-Northwest / Canada
British Columbia
Vancouver Island / Nanaimo
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