Pristine and secluded, Desolation Sound lies in western Canada in the province of British Columbia on what is known as the Sunshine Coast, beyond the place where the famed Highway 101 ends. As such, much of the area is only accessible by water or plane, making it a favorite among adventuresome seafaring travelers. Boating enthusiasts enjoy the deep waters and undeveloped beauty of the sound, with its magnificent mountains, waterfalls and fjords, as well as the abundant wildlife that can be found throughout the area.


In addition, the historical city of Powell River lies nearby on the eastern shores of the Malaspina Strait, between Texada Island and the mainland in the Gulf of Georgia. Today, the city also remains accessible only by ferry, boat or plane, and was named a “Cultural Capital of Canada” in 2004 due to its fantastic cultural and artistic programs.

Geographical :
USA-Northwest / Canada
British Columbia
Desolation Sound / Powell River
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