The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are part of the West Indies in the sparkling Caribbean Sea. Just 60 miles east of Puerto Rico and next to the US Virgin Islands, this collection of over 40 islands is loaded with sandy beaches, coral reefs, rich vegetation and numerous marinas. The islands make a natural and spectacular tourist destination.

The islands came to European attention when Christopher Columbus landed here during his second voyage to the New World in 1493. Over the next few hundred years, the islands were occupied by the Dutch, Danish, Spanish, French and finally the British. The islands got their name from the legend of St. Ursula due to their pristine and untouched beauty.

the BVI played host to many (in)famous pirates and buccaneers such as Black Beard, Norman and Jost Van Dyke. These scoundrels would use the many bays and natural harbors to lay in wait for any unsuspecting trade ships that might pass.

Today the BVI is one of the wealthiest island nations of the Caribbean, It’s largest town, Tortola focuses on tourism and international finance. Both English and Spanish are spoken and the official currency is the US dollar. .

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British Virgin Islands
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