Located on the sunny coast of Brazil, the port of Angra dos Reis is situated among the 365 pristine islands of the Bay of Ilha Grande. Just 150 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis is a popular tourist location, but the local economy also relies heavily on the fishing trade that still thrives here. The port is known for its bustling shipbuilding industry and also houses an oil terminal, while the clear waters are perfect for swimming and scuba diving.

Countless beaches make Angra dos Reis a boater’s paradise, with many islands accessible only by sea. Popular beaches in the area include Manducaba, Conception of Jacarei, Guaratecaia and Sororoca, which boast fine white sand and natural tide pools that will keep you entertained for hours. Jet skis are also very popular here, as is surfing and diving. Vermelha Beach even features a sunken ship, the California, while the Island of Paqueta offers the best local seafood and a few rustic but entertaining seaside bars.

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Angra dos Reis
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