Being the largest country in South America, Brazil occupies a greater part of the continent’s interior as well as the areas along the eastern coast facing the Atlantic Ocean. It is made geographically diverse by its natural resources, climate and land area.

Brazil’s landscape includes scrublands, highlands, mountains, hills and plains. The more rugged topography is the southeastern section where a complex mass of mountain ranges and ridges are found. The country also has a complex system of rivers that drain into the Atlantic. One of the major rivers is the Amazon, which ranks as the second longest river in the world.
Angra Dos Reis is a municipality in Rio de Janeiro which is home to a busy ferry terminal facility moving large quantities of oil. With the many beautiful beaches in the nearby regions, the port has become a strong point of tourism in the country. Aside from tourism, the port terminal is also important to commerce, services and the fishing industry of the land.

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Departure : 25 November 2017
Duration : 1 weeks