Situated in eastern Austria’s state of Burgenland, the city of Rust lies on the shores of the Neusiedler See, which is the second largest steppe lake in Central Europe. It is located around 750 kilometers north of Split and 500 kilometers northeast of Trieste. It was endowed rights as a free city by the Hungarian crown in the late 17th century and therefore forms its own administrative body.


Today, Rust has become a popular destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world who wish to experience the pristine natural beauty and rich cultural history of the region. Here, adventuresome visitors can sail or windsurf, and the commercial fishing industry in the area makes sure fresh seafood is always available. Although the lake sometimes suffers from lower water levels, it does not hinder most vessels. While here, be sure to explore the many picturesque communities dotting the shores of the lake.

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