Due to its setting in the Alps, Austria is a mountainous country for the most part. Just about one-fourth of the total land area can be considered lowlands, and most of the plains are found in the eastern region of the country. It has a high standard of living and its social market economy is well-developed.
Located in Burgenland, Rust is a city found at the coast of the Neusiedl See. It is made famous because of its wines. The harbor in Rust serves ferries and small boats that carry both tourists and locals to their destinations around the lake. It is a tranquil holiday spot for people who want to relax and forget about the stress of everyday living.

Weiden, on the other hand, is a yacht harbor surrounded by first-class hotels to accommodate tourists that flock the large bays. It is also the spot where barbecues and other parties take place near the reed belt on the beach. If you love yachting, Weiden is truly a great place to visit

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Departure : 25 November 2017
Duration : 1 weeks