Antigua is the largest English speaking Leeward Island in the eastern Caribbean. On its west coast are the island nations of St. Kitts and Nevis and Montserrat; to the south lies Guadeloupe. The climate is typical of the Leeward Islands in that it is warm with steady winds and low humidity. Average temperatures are 24ºC in the winter and 30ºC in summer.

The steady winds and many safe harbors provide an ideal spot for sailing. It was these very features that brought the famous Admiral Horatio Nelson to Antigua in 1784 to establish the British Empire’s most important Caribbean base. Now, along with the spectacular surrounding reefs, these features are what attract tourists  and sailors alike to the islands.

There is an abundance of secluded beaches from which to enjoy the many available water sports. Snorkeling and diving are especially popular as the complex coastline and beautiful coral reefs have more than their share of ancient ship wrecks to be explored. With little or no current, water temperatures around 25ºC and visibility anywhere from 15 to 45 meters, Antigua has some of the best diving anywhere in the world.
The capital city of St. John’s is dominated by the outstanding white baroque towers of St. John’s Cathedral. With the rise of tourism over the last several decades, St. John’s has recently completed a cruise ship dock and the city is now a destination for shopping and dining. Be sure to take in the lively farmers market on the south side of the city for terrifically fresh fruits and vegetables and local crafts.

On the East side of the island Shirley Heights affords some spectacular views and dinner at Alberto’s is a treat.

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Departure : 25 November 2017
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